Newcomer Funeral Service Group is a family-owned funeral home, crematory, and cemetery service provider based in Topeka, Kansas.  We trace our roots to the early 1890s when D.W. Newcomer entered funeral service in Kansas City, Missouri.  Fourth-generation funeral director, Warren J. “Ren” Newcomer, Jr., founded Newcomer Funeral Service Group in 1978 in Topeka.  Since then, Newcomer has grown from a single location to over forty locations in 10 states. 
As a family-owned organization, we don’t answer to outside investors, which allows us to make decisions in the best interest of client-families and our associates, not the financial markets.
We seek to grow organically by offering the best value in end-of-life care to the communities we serve and by acquiring high-quality funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries.  Our team of dedicated associates is our most-valuable asset, and we pride ourselves on providing a work-environment where funeral service professionals can focus entirely on caring for families. 

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