Signs That a Funeral Service Career Might be Right for You

Funeral service may never make the list of careers shouted out by first-graders when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up. It isn’t a top-of-mind kind of career like the medical, law enforcement or teaching professions. But funeral service is an incredibly rewarding profession that requires a lot of special qualities. Here are a few signs that a career in funeral service might be right for you!

1. You find fulfillment in taking care of people. When we think of the term “caregiver,” many of us think of nurses and other medical personnel. But funeral directors are truly caregivers as well. They meet people in their place of need and grief and compassionately lead them through the process of honoring the life of their loved one. Countless families have shared with us over the years that their funeral director was the one that kept them going through the early days of their loss. Knowing how much of a difference you are making in the lives of so many makes for a very fulfilling career.

2. You are very organized and love details. The more, the better. There are so many details involved in planning a funeral service. If you love being organized and seeing careful plans come to fruition, a career in funeral directing might be right for you! The National Funeral Directors Association has lots of resources to help you learn more about a career here

3. You love event planning. Funeral directors are not only caregivers, but event planners as well. From the gathering time for family and friends, to the funeral or memorial service, to the final goodbye at the gravesite, every detail must be planned out in advance and executed to perfection. Every day will provide you with a new chance to help a family design the perfect series of events to honor their loved ones. If that sounds interesting to you, consider learning more about the Newcomer team

4. You enjoy working in a professional environment and a stable industry. While many industries and workplaces are becoming more casual, the funeral industry has retained a sense of dignity and professionalism that appeals to many. It is also a stable career field, because the deep human need to honor loved ones who have died is always going to be with us. Learn more about the different funeral home positions available to you.

5. You value working with a tight-knit team. It takes a great team of people to deliver the kind of service that yields our 98% customer satisfaction rating. At NFSGI, our full-time associates have been with us for an average of nearly seven years. That kind of loyalty and commitment creates both teamwork and empowerment. If you enjoy working within a team to provide excellent customer service to every family, every day, funeral directing might be a good fit for you! To find out what it takes to become a funeral director, click here

6. You understand the deep human need to honor loved ones who have passed. In our world of fast food, quick fixes, shortcuts and life hacks, we have many amenities designed to buffer us from life’s inconveniences and unpleasantness. But there is no shortcut when it comes to grief. When a loved one passes, we must all slow down, reflect and work through the process of honoring their life and take the first steps down the path of life without their physical presence. Funeral directors gently guide families through this time, helping them to create beautiful services that pay tribute to the life that was lived. 

7. You respect and appreciate traditions and ceremonies. Funeral directors understand that there is deep meaning and value within the customs and rituals surrounding a death that have been established by our faith traditions, cultures and ancestors. They work to understand the traditions and wishes of each family so these can be incorporated into the loved one’s final tribute. While it is hard to want to go to a funeral for anyone, much less a dear loved one, the timeless traditions of the funeral can be a comfort in the sad and uncertain times of loss. Funeral directors know this and are there to help families create services and events that will be truly meaningful to them and their guests. 

8. You know how important it is to say a Good Goodbye. Have you ever been to a “bad” funeral? The kind that was so generic that it could have been for anyone? Maybe you walked out of the service feeling like you didn’t learn anything new about the person who died. That sounds harsh, but it is sadly common. Our funeral directors know how to draw out the unique aspects of each person’s life and showcase them through memorial displays, videos, and service elements such as readings, letters and sharing time. It might take a little more coordination, but all of these elements combine to create a truly “good” goodbye.

9. You enjoy a job that is never the same, one day to the next. Because each family is unique, each day in a funeral director’s career is unique as well. This job will keep you on your toes and continually challenge you to connect with new people and new stories. It is an honor and privilege to enter into the life of a family who is undergoing a loss and help them through the process of honoring their loved one in a beautiful and meaningful way. Browse our current job openings.

10. You don’t want a career that will trap you behind a desk all day, every day. If you like to be on the go and have a lot of variety in your day, funeral directing is a good career to consider. It includes customer service, administration, event planning and staging, and will keep you on your toes as you help each family create a unique tribute to their loved one. We are pleased to offer scholarships and apprenticeships to help aspiring funeral directors with their education. Learn more here.

If you have questions about a career in funeral service, we’d love to talk to you! Give us a call at 877-571-6374 and ask to speak with one of our Human Resource Business Partners.