Five Things to Avoid When Applying for a Scholarship

It’s scholarship season, and while filling out applications, writing essays and gathering required information can feel a little tedious, it’s important to take your time and showcase your unique story in your application. We asked our scholarship committee to weigh in on five things to avoid when applying for a scholarship.

  1. Rush through the process and miss the details. Spelling mistakes, grammar issues, missing punctuation and other errors will really jump off the page to our committee. In funeral service, these details really matter in the day-to-day, whether you are writing an obituary, communicating service details to celebrants and guests, or submitting information to the state. Details matter to families, and your materials should reflect a keen eye for detail.
  2. Relying too heavily on templates and examples from the web. Templates can be extremely helpful in terms of formatting and guiding your thought process. But when we see applications that include empty blanks or statements like “Insert experience here,” it’s clear that the applicant needed to take some additional time in their process.
  3. Missing some key requirements. Make sure to read all requirements carefully. When we ask for an essay describing how you share our Core Values of Excellence, Trust, Care and Growth, we are looking for someone who will be a good fit for our organizational culture and standards. Don’t miss this key part of your application.
  4. Waiting until the last minute. While we are happy to accept your application right before the deadline, waiting until the last-minute increases your chances of making errors, leaving out important details or submitting an incomplete application. Also, you’ll miss out on your chance to win our Early Bird prize! All applicants who submit their application by September 5 will be entered into a drawing to win payment of their National Board Exam fees!
  5. Neglecting to tell your unique story. There’s a reason you chose our profession, and chances are it is a pretty important one. If your application and essay read like they could be written by a chat bot, filled with generic statements and platitudes, your application is not going to stand out among the 400 other applications we receive every year for this scholarship.

We hope these tips help you submit a great application and look forward to hearing from you soon!